Buying an Exotic Car Vs. Getting A Truck

Lets start out with the truck since we the people at Digitalis know that a truck is more useful than your average super car because you can’t exactly pull a trailer behind your Lamborghini

We are going to assume you are going to be getting a 80k car for example both truck and exotic car

Here are some of the facts begin buying a truck vs a super car

1. Usability: a Truck can be used to transport a variety of things from trash cans to boxes, to fridges, even can be used to sleep in if you wish… it can easily pull a trailer behind it given it has enough power and a tow package

2. Practicality: It makes more sense to buy a truck because at the end of the day it can make you money vs waste money

3. Less Maintenance Cost: a truck maintenance cost are nothing compared to a super car you will need to baby a super car and you can bash on a truck because thats what it was built for, abuse, I’m not saying don’t change the oil, you should at the right intervals

4. Probably more efficient than your V10 or V12 Sports Car: i don’t need to argue this point some trucks are just outrageously good at mpg

5. Less To Fix, enough said if you were to crash your truck im sure there would be only minor dents on the front grill there probably might be some damage but with a super car if you crash it its done over with, since most of the parts of the super car are usually made out of carbon fiber getting these parts replaced can be time consuming not to mention outragiously expensive, what did you want its a super car there not cheap to fix…

6. You can go offloading: not a lot of super cars can do some of the simpler things of life like going off roading even thought not most do it, most people do enjoy it

7.  You can leave it Anywhere: having a super car will always leave you with worries about if someone will hit your car, key it, ding it with there door, with a truck you may have the same issues but they will fade with time, with a super car you always need to keep its appearance up


Super Car now lets talk super car

1.Fun Factor: there is nothing more fun than having a v12 behind you pulling you to the edge and really keeping you in your seat there is nothing like it and the feeling is absolutely needed to be tried by everyone since it just gets your adrenaline pumping

2. You will probably get all the girls: some say this might be a myth but common most guys that have super cars a majority of girls will sleep with them even if it is for one night… seriously though… its crazy what a car can do with

3. washing it is much easier plus girls will always come and help you: we have all seen those crazy commercials with the hot girls and that nice sports car well given the chance and a reward girls will actually show up and wash the car for even a ride.. now thats something worth investing in if you like free care washes and giving out rides with pretty women.. no but on the serious side most people will probably drool to the site of anyone washing a Lamborghini, seriously whats there not to love its an amazing piece of art

If your like me and would prefer a truck but would also want to feel what its like to experience the super car thrill then you can check out the site bellow it links to an awesome super car rental company that will hook you up with what you need at a very fair price given that your in the area of course

Exotic Car Rental Fort Lauderdale



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